In the hoop since 2004, I began teaching in 2008. 

Hooping changed my life and body so I wish to share information and inspiration with others. I love sharing hooping with others and teaching foundational hoop techniques.

Hooping provides body strengthing, creative movement, & self massage.
Side effects of hooping include weight loss, joy, and growing younger.

My goal as an instructor is to inspire, challenge, and share as much content as possible.


Classes generally run in 4 week sessions. See the Class descriptions below.


Hoopmaking Workshops are also offered on occasion.

See calender and PAYPAL menu for upcoming classes. Hoops are for sale locally in Austin at DANCERS CLOSET WESTLAKE

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New: The 4 wk Hoop Mirrorism Journey

An all level Series for Fall 2016 combining Hoop with Pilates/Barre and Creative Mirroring / Class Co-Creation.

I’ve been very inspired in my practice lately with the idea of reflection and mirroring. 
With the hoop, when we mirror each other - we not only learn from one another, we also engage, create new patterns and discovery.

This 4 week hoop “Mirrorism” journey will explore new ingredients — Mirroring and allowing more time for partnering and class engagement with each other — weekly focused drills that pull from barre/pilates — leg/foot/ankle strengthening exercises & inspired floor drills for core strengthening using LED hoops — as well as basic hoop techniques and transitions.

For many years, I’ve been teaching “Fundamentals” and “Going Further” series classes - but my goal here is to create a all level class where everyone has the opportunity to be challenged, sweat, learn, co-create, and inspire one another. 

The first half of class will be cardio and drill based and the second half will be more exploratory, creative, and explore our mirrorism. 

Musical playlist will be a wide variety from jazz to world to modern music - and I will make it available on a spotify playlist for you all.

We will use a variety of hoop sizes (yes class hoops will be available) and I will provide a limited number of LED hoops. Please bring your favorite hoops of course - Come hydrated and ready to have some sweaty fun!

Fundamental Hoop Series

A beginner series will cover on and off body hoop maneuvers & choreography to build skill, strength, technique, vocabulary, and movement with the hoop.

Week 1 covers waist hooping, turning with the hoop, arm placement, foot placement, hoop terminology, in current spin and anti spin, slinky, tracing, and on body basics ... then will segue into off body moves: passing, revolving door, wild west, prayer, kicking over the hoop, and other horizontal off body moves.
Week 2 reviews the above with some drills and sequences, then move class focus to bringing the hoop on and off body. (Floating / Lifts) to connect the off body moves with the on body hooping.
Week 3 explores angles and vertical hooping - weaves, jumps, elbow and arm hooping, limbo, and booty bump!
Week 4 puts it all together and we explore basic leg and chest hooping to have skills necessary for going further!
Going Further Series
Late beginner / early intermediate hoop classes develop techniques for chest hooping, leg hooping, isolations, jumps, body rolls, weaves, hooping with twins, and cardio drills for sculpting the arms, legs, and full body.

Each week will focus on a different body part and also run choreography to string moves together. The goal is to push the cardio element of hooping to get an awesome hoop workout!

Week 1: Chest Hooping  - We explore hooping with larger lighter hoops to open and heal the heart through chest hooping. Duck outs, arm variations will be explored - as well as breaks and reverses.

Week 2: Legs and Footsies! - Rock the legs, feet,  and the lower body!

Week 3: Isolations, Body Rolls, Tosses - Playing with lighter hoops and double hoops!

Week 4: Twins / Hooping with 2 Hoops - Sequences / Choreography / Review and how to put it all together!

NOTE: LED (light up hoops) are often used for in the dark warm up and end of class jam - a limited number of hoops are available for class use but you are encouraged to bring your own!